Chinook Wind Machines

Chinook Wind Machines


As I was standing over my orchard one morning stunned at what a few hours of frost had done to my beautiful apple blossoms that were in full bloom; they were devastated from a beautiful lush white flower, they were now brown and sagging. It was heartbreaking. I could not help but wonder. Is there nothing I can do to prevent this kind of catastrophical situation? It seems to me that this was the major obstacle to overcome in growing apples or any other fruit in Quebec.

Frost, it reduces or destroys your crop, and sends your trees on a super charged vegetative growth span that in turn becomes an economical and time consuming nightmare to control. I was told (by other farmers) that this was a situation that occurred once frost came again and again almost yearly in every ten years or so and we shouldn't be all that concerned about it (it's best taken with a grain of salt), I bitterly found out this was not true for fact.


Well, first of all, I don't like salt; it alters the natural sweetness and flavour of food. I could not sit back and watch my entire year's crop and efforts destroyed overnight literally. After extensive research in frost control, I found that wind machine technology made sense and stood ahead of the crowd, the idea was simple.


During the day the temperature is warm above 0 degrees C (32F) so that's okay but the problem is as soon as the sun goes down the temperature starts to drop, for the hot air that the sun gave is now rising and the cold air being heavier is now settling in, on the orchard floor forcing the temperature to drop, that's not okay.


So what happens to the hot air? Well it runs up 200 feet or so onto what is known as the "inversion layer", where there it sits warming up the sky but not doing your crops any good. So how do we get that desperately needed warm air down? "Wind machine".

It literally sucks the warm air out of the sky and blows it down into your crops. Wow! What could be simpler and more effective? Nothing. (Besides the hand of GOD).


The machine is simple. It consists of a 35' tower sitting on a 8X8 solid concrete base, powered by a V-10 that turns and spins a 23' propeller, that's pitched at an angle to suck in air on one end and blow it out the other, it rotates 360 degrees giving us a full 12-14 acre of coverage.


The question now was who made the better "mouse trap". After comparison of specs and major tests done on winds machine products, the name Chinook stood well ahead of the competition. Without a doubt they have the best blade in the industry and the blade is the heart of any wind machine; the Chinook blade is a one piece, machine made and constructed from composite fibreglass.

The main structural fabric is tri-axial, knitted fibreglass, with a centre core made of balsa and each blade half core made of structural urethane foam. Incorporated into each blade is an advanced air foil design, trailing edge wedge and Domier swepted tips.



These distinct features work together to produce more air movement with wider area coverage for a longer duration of time, as a result the total number of acres protected is increased. Its advanced air foil design was developed by NASA engineers to reduce air resistance and improve fan efficiency. This improvement has increased total coverage of the Chinook fan blade to 12-14 acres in mature fruit trees.

For the past 4 years I have been relying heavily on this machine. Last year and the one prior I recall were one of the worst frost years and I had a huge crop. This unit also helps me with my organic growing practice for it allows me to dry my foliage therefore shortening wetness infection time. My wind machine is my most useful and cherished weapon in my arsenal. I can honestly say that without it I would never been able to continue farming. The damaging frost we had in the last 2 years would have shut me down.


The H-F Hauff company was founded in 1947 by Howard and Helen Hauff and has been in the machine business for 33 years. Since Howard died in 1998 Helen is the owner and works 6 days a week at the plant with her sons, Neil and Dean, H-F Hauff makes the wind machines from the ground up, building lines and hubs and forming the fibreglass blade in their Yakima plant, they use fan cooled gear boxes by Deran, one of the worlds largest gear box manufacturers.

The drive line is seamless and balanced at 1400 RPM and powered by Ford's new industrial V-10 the Hauffs put servicing their customer first and despite enduring years of unscrupulous business practices by their competitors aimed at putting them out of business, their product speaks for itself. The Hauffs will replace any blade with one of their own for a "free" trial period during frost protection season and will re-install the previous blade if the grower is not satisfied that our blade pushed more air. Wow! Who else does that! No one.


After enjoying a great rapport with the Hauffs and experiencing fro myself the effectiveness of their product I decided to be their official representative here in Quebec. I will be more than happy to supply you with more technical information and pricing of the units. If you like to see the beast in action first hand we can arrange a demo or if you simply want to talk about the concept, contact me.


Agriculture is my passion in life.


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